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Safe, secure doggy exercise fields.

Situated in sites across southern England, all are in picturesque, rural locations
allowing you to relax while your doggys run

Why Walkies Doggy Fields?

Exclusive & secure exercise

Exclusive use of secure and safe exercise field, perfect for dogs of all shapes and sizes, with or without friends.

Easy booking

Easy online booking with mobile payment and digital wallet pay service, means you can book on the go.

Let Loose

Worried about letting your doggy off the lead? Here they can follow their nose and burn excess energy.

For all Doggys

Whether your doggy is nervous, young, recovering or unsociable, Walkies is the ideal solution for you.

Multiple Locations

We have Walkies fields all over the south east so you are never too far from a safe, secure dog walk.

Enhance your Training

Recall, retrieve or even some tricks off the lead. Gain confidence and avoid losing sight.

Our Walkies Fields

Open for Walkies

Open for Walkies

Open for Walkies

Open for Walkies

Open for Walkies

Open for Walkies

Open for Walkies

Open for Walkies

Open for Walkies

Open for Walkies

Open for Walkies


Easy Booking, Easy Access and Secure parking. Its minutes off the motorway. A superb facility to let my dogs free for ultimate fun with peace of mind. Ideal solution for someone like me who isn’t as mobile as I used to be!  Next time I will intend to meet a friend there whilst the dogs play. Look forward to visiting again. 

Brian, Ridge

We enjoyed our first walk at Walkies today and I cannot recommend it highly enough! We have an 11-month-old lively Labrador whose recall is pretty hit and miss making it difficult to let him off the lead in open spaces. It was so lovely to see him run freely with no concern he’ll escape. We will be visiting again very soon!

Polly-Anna, Shenley

We loved visiting today, it was Alfie’s first time off the lead, and it was so nice for both of us – he wasn’t distracted and I wasn’t stressed! Win win! Great facility with easy booking and secure parking. You can even sit under cover if the weather is bad, whilst your dog explores. Would recommend to everyone! 

Sally, South Mimms

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