How it works

Booking your Walkies couldn’t be easier.
Follow the steps below and you and your four-legged friend will be gadding about before you know it.


Choose a field


Pick a duration


Select a date​


Select a time​


Make payment​
  • Bookings may be amended free of charge up to 12 hours prior to the start of your session in the Customer Login.
  • Arrive on-site at your allocated time and close the car park gate behind you – thanks.
  • When you are ready, call the access phone number in your confirmation email to unlock the gate.
  • It is important to call from the phone number you submitted when booking. 
  • Enjoy your slot – exit the field in good time to let the next doggy enjoy their appointment.
  • It is REALLY important you close the gate behind you
  • We hope to see you again soon!

Our Walkies Fields

Open for Walkies

Open for Walkies

Open for Walkies

Open for Walkies

Open for Walkies

Coming Soon

Our Prices

These prices are for sole use of a secure dog walking field.

30 Mins
1-2 Dogs  =  £8
3+ Dogs  =  £10
60 Mins
1-2 Dogs  =  £12
3+ Dogs  =  £15
30 Mins
60 Mins
1 – 2 Dogs


3+ Dogs


Don't Pawget

Bring water

Running about is thirsty work

Bring poo bags

Help us keep it clean

Bring toys

Sticks, balls toys etc.

Dress for it

Appropriate Footwear & clothing for the weather

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